World Psoriasis Day

October 29, 2018

World Psoriasis Day is a day to bring awareness to a condition and disease that is vastly misunderstood by those not impacted. The physical attributes of psoriasis are red, scaly patches of skin that can be found anywhere on the body. These patches often crack, create lesions and bleed.  This causes discomfort along with self-image damage; it makes the person self-conscious and often hides these spots with clothing or make-up. These patches occur as the body’s immune system attacks itself. Typically the immune system is built to defend the body against the bad things that enter our systems. With psoriasis, it is speculated that an inherited gene causes the immune system to act awry. Psoriasis also causes discomfort and pain below the surface – Psoriatic Arthritis.


One of the defenses of the immune system is inflammation. The blood vessels in the area under attack expand in order to allow more fighter cells to do their job. when this happens, it causes us discomfort. Psoriasis causes physical, emotional, and psychological damage. On October, 29, 2018, we will stand together to bring awareness to this disease for further research as the causes are still unknown.