White Ribbon on Gray Lanyard Buy 1 Give 1


Gray lanyard with white “We Stand Together” text and white awareness ribbons. Free standard shipping within the United States.


This is a very nice White and Gray Ribbon lanyard. Each lanyard has “We Stand Together and is manufactured with high-quality and made exclusively for APW.

White is the awareness color for Blind & Vision Impairment,  Bone Cancer,  Osteoporosis,  Head and Neck Cancer,  Scoliosis,  World Peace  and  Victims of Terrorism causes.

Gray is the awareness color for Asthma,  Brain Cancer,  Brain Disorders,  COPD,  Concussion Awareness,  Hearing Impairment,  Lung Cancer, and the March of Dimes.

We are proud to offer this product as a Buy 1 Give 1


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