Childhood Cancer Awareness Ribbon Keychain Buy 1 Give 1


2 Dangle Ribbon Keychains

Gold Awareness Ribbon

Bring awareness to Childhood Cancers

Lightweight at less than 1 ounce!

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This keychain is a colorful way to show support and honor those children fighting cancers. This lightweight charm is a great addition to any keychain, lanyard, zipper, backpacks or various accessories! The Gold Awareness Ribbon symbolizes not just one single cancer, but all cancers that affect children. Whether its leukemia, bone cancer, brain cancer, melanoma, the list goes on, but they all fall under this ribbon along with their own individual ribbons. No matter the cancer, watching children fight these battles is heartbreaking. Show your support with this dangle charm! Show the world We Stand Together!

This is a Buy 1 Give 1 offer – you will receive two gold ribbon keychains! Keep one for yourself and give the second one to a loved one to match and share in solidarity to this cause!