National Diabetes Heart Connection Day

Those living with diabetes are at a great risk of cardiovascular complications. Without healthy, stable blood pumping through the body, the heart is at risk of many diseases. On November 9, 2018, We stand together on National Diabetes Heart Connection Day.

It is vitally important for those living with diabetes to monitor A1C, maintain a healthy blood pressure, and monitor cholesterol levels. Glucose levels are without a doubt a constant concern and rightfully so. On top of glucose, diabetics have to be aware of cholesterol levels as plaque can build up and create further complications. Lower HDL and raise LDL cholesterols to help the heart from overworking itself.

Some ways to prevent these levels from reaching dangerous levels is to diet, quit smoking and have some kind of physical activity. Cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart failure, cardiac arrest are just some consequences. Speak to your doctor on ways to protect and prevent these for a longer, fuller life.