International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day 2018

Since 1999, friends and family of those who have lost a loved one from suicide come together on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We stand together during this time to raise awareness for suicide prevention and mental health. Together we celebrate the lives of those we lost too soon and work together to help those in need to prevent suicide by expressing options for help. The ripple effect of suicide spreads outward and can be a trying time to recover for all those impacted. A global effort to raise awareness of suicide prevention is crucial with 800,000 lives lost each year. This number doesn’t include those who have attempted suicide! There is time for us to provide resources and a helping hand to save those going through their own hardships.

This Saturday, lets stand together with those who have lost a loved one. Coping with loss from suicide is a long and hard road to recovery. Lend a helping hand, a helping ear, or simply give them support. Times of darkness will end in due time.