About Us

About Awareness Products Warehouse –

Awareness Products Warehouse first opened in 2011. Prior to opening, co-owners and co-founders had just lost an uncle to melanoma and lung cancer and had a close, personal friend that was fighting bone cancer. They felt that they wanted to make a difference and find a way to help people, which lead to the foundation of Awareness Products Warehouse.

Awareness Products Warehouse offers individual customers and wholesale buyers affordable ways to raise awareness and raise money for their causes. We offer a variety of wholesale products, from silicone bracelets, key chains, teddy bears, awareness comfort rings, balloons, lanyards, tumblers, stickers, awareness jewelry beads, and fundraising kits.

James, himself, has been personally affected by many of the causes that Awareness Products Warehouse supports. Every year APW picks one cause to focus on and lend APW’s personal support and contributions to. We recently adopted two children who had previously been in the foster care system and decided to spend that year focusing on helping abused children, foster care children and children in need.

As we grow our company, we know we wouldn’t be at all without the continued support and business that our customers give us.  As a family owned and operated company here in Pensacola Fl., we thrive on offering the best customer service available.

We encourage everyone to share their story on our website and Facebook. Whether its ovarian cancer, Leukemia, prostate cancer, thyroid conditions, breast cancer, mental health, any struggle at all, your story and courage could inspire someone else and lift their spirits. Our merchandise is a great way to show our friends, family, coworkers, and even a complete stranger that we stand together. Office parties, fundraising events,  homecomings, birthdays, anniversaries, hospital visits, no matter the occasion, show the world that we care and we stand together.

Please feel free to browse our site and awareness products offerings. If you have questions or if you would like to know more about Awareness Products Warehouse, please feel free to contact us.

On behalf of APW we thank you for your business.